Helping Leaders in AI Transformation

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$ 10 billion
Expected AI Market by 2025
$ 1 trillion
Global GDP Growth by 2030
% 10 increase
In Business Productivity

We transform your business with AI

AI isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to lead now and into the future. So, whether you’re interpreting data, looking for more ways to engage with your customers, or driving your organization toward a digital future, we have the products and services to help you achieve your goals today.

  • Professional consulting services
  • Identify your challenges with a view of applying AI
  • Define AI use cases to solve your challenges
  • Implementation of your AI strategy & roadmap

How can we help you?

Our Work Process

Build AI Strategy & Roadmap

We identify the most useful AI use-cases that solve your challenges. And build a roadmap to priorities AI Proof of Concepts (PoC)

Implement AI Transformation

We execute your AI PoCs to estimate its ROI, and support in deploying the AI solution that has the best ROI for your company.

Confirm AI Maturity

We assess your company’s AI transformation readiness, and support you in continuous maintenance of the deployed AI models.

Your steps to AI success

Our Services

1. Strategy Session

Your project begins with an intensive Strategy session.

It’s an exploratory, full-day session where we get to know your business in depth. We help you define the right challenge to start with and choose the best approach based on your business, domain, goals, and data.

Preliminary validation of the solution helps to avoid costly missteps— like asking the wrong question, lacking sufficient data or choosing an overly complex challenge.

2. Proof of Concept

We leverage our engineering skill, experience, and pre-built compute infrastructure to arrive at PoC for your AI solution in 4 weeks or less.

Getting to PoC quickly and affordably is essential to get buy-in from your team early in the process. And to minimize the risk of a production solution that falls short of expectations.

At this stage, we validate the algorithm to be sure that it solves your challenge. And then make adjustments or redirect our efforts based on what we’ve learned.

3. Develop, Integrate, Test​

Our team works in 2-week sprints to develop your solution, with bi-weekly calls to discuss our progress. Real-time communication via Zoom or MS Teams keeps issues moving forward and helps bypass communication bottlenecks.

Then we take the solution live to evaluate its performance in your production workflow.

Finally, we automate everything, fine-tune the details, and hand over your solution— congratulations, your data is now officially working for you!

4. Learn, Scale, Grow

A successful AI application isn’t an endpoint— it’s a launching pad. 

We can help you quickly scale your solution to other locations, projects or products. Or build completely new strategies for helping to slay inefficiencies, improve processes or boost revenue.

Or your engineering team can take it from here and start building on what they’ve learned. We’re here to consult when your team gets stuck.

From finite goals to infinite growth

Our AI Solutions​

Intelligent Automation

Blending the rules-based (if-then) solutions with AI, allowing systems to learn and adapt, absorbing more of the workflow into a more capable AI-enabled automation solution.

Anomaly Detection

Finding patterns of normal and as well as patterns of divergence from normal – and flagging them for immediate automated action, or human auditing.

Predictive Analytics

Using big data, data mining, statistical modeling, and machine learning to detect trends and forecast events and conditions that should occur at a specific time.

Computer Vision

Gaining high-level understanding from digital images or videos that make sense to thought processes and can elicit appropriate action.

AI Platforms

Software tools that allow business users to analyze data and process data, build machine learning models, deploy and maintain these models.


Utilizing big data and advanced analytics technologies to directly and indirectly enhance IT operations with proactive, personal and dynamic insight.

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